Spartans Forever

Sunday, July 29, 2012

D&L on the Move Again

After a five month forced hiatus from travel we are finally on the move again.  In the past 4 weeks we  have traveled over 5000 miles.  This time by car.

We ended our trip after spending one day at home and heading to Hill Country to pick up Austin, our new Welsh Corgie.  On our way to get Austin, we spent two nights in a bed and breakfast, compliments of our daughter Kim.  This was a Christmas present.  We had a great time eating and drinking our way around Hill Country.  We enjoyed visits to wineries, First Texas Olive Oil Company, and swimming in the Blue Hole in Wimberly, Texas.

We left home and headed to south Florida where we delivered and installed a house number plaque for Andrea, Peter and Henrik's new home.  We were quite satisfied with this.  While in south Florida I, Lois, purchased my latest toy.  It is a Trekke.  For me not for long distances but for trekking around the neighborhood.  One of our high lights in Florida was drift fishing in the Atlantic.  It was crazy!
At our first stop we were in the middle of a school of bonitas.  Everyone was yelling "fish on".  Lines were snapping and everyone wanted the attention of the mates.  After changing positions the pace slowed down but we continued to catch little else but bonitas.  I hooked one on its side.  All the mates thought it was a flounder but it turned out to be just another bonita.

After leaving Florida we visited long time good friends in Atlanta, Georgia.  We highly recommend visiting the Atlanta Aquarium.  Fabulous!  We then had a short visit with my cousin in Dalongega before heading back to 75 for our trip to Michigan to see my sister, Doug's mother and a quick Up North camping trip with Kim and Matt before heading back to Texas.

Our first night with Austin went really well!  He slept in his crate in our bedroom, he didn't like his crate in the kitchen.  He started whining about 5a.m., went out, did his business, went contentedly back in his crate and we all splept until 7.  Myself a little later.  We are off to a good start!