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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ride End

Tragically, yesterday  our ride came to an abrupt end when Janie was hit by a car.  Let me first say that she will be okay.  Her entire left side is chewed up with road rash, places are just raw meat.  She had about a three quarter inch gash on her ear which is stitched together.  Also, she has hair line fractures on her L-5 vertebrae.  The doctor says the spine is stable and will heal.  She is sore but like Janie in good spirits.
We were traveling on RT. 69 between Chrystal Falls going east to Sagola, on a mostly flat, straight road, lightly traveled road with good visibility.  Our lights were flashing.  Many drivers, including drivers of 18 wheelers have commented on how effective these lights are, saying that they could see them a mile back and that anyone not seeing them is not paying attention.  This driver was NOT PAYING ATTENTION.
Janie was having such a wonderful time on this trip.  Each day was more fun than the last with more to come.  When she cried it wasn't because she was in pain or that her brand new bike is totaled,  it was because  our adventure had ended.
John, Janie's husband is in route to rescue us. In the meantime, we are in the good hands of my college roommate, Marilyn, an excellent hospital staff, and the Iron County Sheriff Department.  Everyone has been most gracious and helpful.
We will make our plans for getting down state later today or tomorrow.  The doctor says it is okay for Janie to travel.
The whole trip we have been saying that we had a travel angel with us.  She certainly was yesterday in that Janie is still with us.

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