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Thursday, September 15, 2011

2400 Miles----Border-to-Border

Actually, 2392 but we feel we can take the liberty to round up.  This year the DALMAC offered up wind, cold (by Texas standards) and rain; but never all at the same time.  Much better than last year,but I was hearing that the ride of '84 was much worse that the ride of 2010.  Can't really believe that! The DALMAC as usual was wonderful!  Why we keep coming back.  Thanks to Pat, Robin and Jethro for all you do.  I would like to say that no one has flattened out northern Michigan.
 True to form as we approached Sault Ste. Marie the storm clouds formed.  These clouds were not the thunder heads that we had grown accustomed to but what looked like snow clouds.  Before we reached our camp site at Taquamonin Falls State Park the heavens opened up.  However the rain stopped before we reached the park and we were able to have a wonderful camp fire celebrating our son's 40th birthday and the end of our border to border ride.
What extremes we have faced on the adventure. In the South we would crawl into our tent and strip, lay very still and sweat buckets to the UP where with frost warning we zipped up in our mummie bags, vary cozy.  I have become a fan of the mummie bag.  I think this is the third or fourth time I have ever zipped it up completely.
Before we headed back down State, we enjoyed a wonderful hike from the lower falls to the upper falls and a wonderful four hour kayak paddle on the Taquamonin River.  Both days were crystal clear and crisp.  I love the air of UP North.
We are back in Lansing taking care of business and looking forward to heading to Owosso tomorrow for the Big 50 Reunion.

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