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Monday, September 19, 2011

We've left Michigan

After several days of picture perfect fall weather that only Michigan can produce (blue skies, big puffy clouds, and temps in the mid 60s to low 70s), we left the state in a cool drizzle.  This was a small reminder that in a month or so the ground would be covered with snow.  Time to head south.  Not to mention that we haven't been home in almost 3 months.
We are on a Point A to Point B trip.  This meaning that when we stop we take care of the three traveling necessities ( food, gas and nature call) plus one stop for lodging.  Because we do so many of these types of trips, the bike ride was particulary fun.  We have driven far enough to see cotton boles and have the waitress ask what ya'all would like to drink.  Read it and weep, we saw gas for 3.29 a gallon.
The class reunion was great fun!  It was great fun seeing and catching up with people that, quite honestly,  I hadn't given much thought to in about 50 years.  I don't think that this is a mean statement, but rather a fact of life as life and new events and experiences happen.  That's what makes this event special, you pause to remember and take many trips down memory lane.  THANKS to all the people who helped to make this a great party and experience.  Those of us who live distances away can't help much more than help keep the rosters up to date.  I don't think I have always been good at that.
It was great to come home to Owosso!  I'm proud to say "I'm from Owosso".  I use the word, proud, meaning with pride.  In Texas people seem to use proud to mean happy.  I have lived  places that I was happy to be away from, but I''m proud to be able to say I'm from Owosso!  Those of our class who stayed in Owosso have a lot to be proud of for the wonderful community that you have helped develop and preserve.
One more day remains of this grand adventure we began back in July.  Home tomorrow night.

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