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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

77 miles closer

Tonight we are in Houston.  Houston,MS.  This brings us 77 miles closer to our destination.  We had planned to stop 30 miles back but the only motel was NASTY!  Nasty enough to compel us to ride 30 more miles.  Fourtunately we were at the 1st place mid-afternoon.  There are no pictures today because I left the memory stick in the computer.  I realized this when we were about 6 miles into our ride.  There was a big fallen tree across the road.  We were able to manuver around it on the right shoulder, but not without incidence.  It took both of us to push my bike through the mud.  The biggest problem was Doug's tryke.  There was a steep drop-off.  His tryke went rolling down the hill, rolled over about four times before being stopped by a tree. The best thing was that he was not on it!  His cargo was really on good because nothing came lose.  That's how our day started.  We continued to see damage from the last nights thunder storms.  It was definately a good night for a motel.  There was a detour on the Trace due to the clean up from the spring tornados.  We did ride by some tornado damage along the Trace.  Amazing how swaths were carved out through the forest.  This day was quite hilly.

Tomorrow we are heading for Elvis Presley Lake and Campground in Tupelo, about a 50 mile ride and stay for two nights.

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