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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Louisiana

Day three finds us in Louisiana after a 76 mile day. We left Texas after experiencing a lot of Texas hospitality.  We camped two nights in RV parks.  They both offered us wonderful hospitality.    This is big because normally RV parks don't want to have us tenting rif-raf on their premises.  The first night was at Cedar Grove RV Park in Ames, TX.  The second was at Thompson Lake RV Park.  Jean Thompson says she loves to have tenters because she loves to hear their stories.  This park even had coffee available in the morning.  Later in the morning we made a stop at Mama's kitchen before leaving  Texas.  There we met Kaylon Booker who was very gracious with his Texas hospitality.  He introduced us to Organo Gold Coffee.  He gave us packets to try.  It may be just what we need for travel coffee.

Just when we thought you couldn't beat Texas hospitality we entered Louisiana.  We stopped for lunch at the only resturant in Merryville.  A gentleman there liked hearing our story and wanted to buy our lunch,  However, we had already paid so he had his grandson hand us $10.

Thanks to Doug's insomnia in the heat last night tonight we are in an air conditioned motel.  He should be careful, I could get used to this.  Although, I do love my tent.

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