Spartans Forever

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jackson, MS

Hello blog followers.  I am relaxed and not too anxious to get to bed so hopefully this will go better.

First of all let me tell you it is the humidity and not the heat that is getting to us.  We have been wet since leaving our drive way 718 miles ago.  Using plenty of fungacide and antibacteria products.

In a nut shell what we have learned is two things.  First of all we have learned why they call the maps Adventure Cycling and why they put all those gears on a bike.

Our most amazing adventure to date was in a an area called Rosetta, MS.  This town has far more people in it's cemetery than living in the area.  We found ourselves there after riding 60 miles in hills at 6:00p.m. in a thunder storm 34 miles away from anywhere.  We were under a shelter of a truck parts and service store.  What to do!  We had decided that we had water, food, and a tent and this would be where we needed to spend the night.  As we started to set up our tent our guardian angel appeared and offered us a dry bed and a hot shower.  Susan and Steve Hayes welcomed us into there home, fed us cat fish from the river and fresh grilled vegetables from their garden, and cereal and fresh fruit for breakfast.  The hospitality was great but best of all we met to wonderful new people.

Yesterday a ride that should have been a 25 mile ride turned into a 56 mile ride thanks to the American Development Reinvestment Program.  Bridge out over the Big Black River.  We made it to The Rocky Springs campground on the Natchez Trace. We were the only campers in the park.  Very remote, no cell service.

My bike fell over and the GPS holder broke.
I tripped backing out of the tent and fell against a metal box and scraped up my arm.  That's why I get tetinus shots.
My glasses I got especially for the trip came out of the case in two pieces.
Replaced our first cable.
One flat.
Raccoon attack last night.


  1. I'm praying for a break in the humid heatwave you are biking in... May the worse be behind you!
    Now, tell me about this Raccoon attack! Yikes!
    You two are very brave - Thank God for nice people along the way.

  2. It was wonderful to meet you both at Indian Cycle. I hope you were not caught in that heavy rain this afternoon. Safe travels and happy adventures!