Spartans Forever

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today we rode through cotton fields with scattered corn and maze fields, after riding through rice fields yesterday.  Our ride yesterday  was 90 miles long in a heat index of 111 degrees.  It was by accident.  The town we had intended to stay in had all the motel rooms booked up due to a funeral.  Guess all the kin came home.  This actually turned out to be a happy situation.  We stayed in a wonderful B&B in Washington, LA.  The propriator was a very interesting artist who lived in Paris and on a LA plantation.  So we had a late start after touring her art gallery and parts of her home built in 1903.  We met many fun people along the way before landing at the Sportsman Motel.  It certainly is not up-scale but the hospitality could not be any better.


  1. Love hearing about the hospitality. Wonder who will win that award. Janie and I each had a God-incidence: she had a Delta Captain deplane, come into the terminal gate area, and invite her to take a seat on the plane (details later). John had a flat on a boat trailer tire. That was an easy fix. The good thing is it happened on a wheel that was leaking hub fluid. Having the flat brought it to my attention BEFORE we had a more serious problem on the road. I wonder what God-incidences you'll be blogging about? We did a 25 mile ride. Janie had two impact flats on front tire. Me thinks there's not enough air in it to absorb impact. We'll be checking that out. Ride safe you Road Warriers. Love, John

  2. Doug, Lois, your trip sounds wonderful. I am really enjoying reading about it! thanks for writing Lois! hugs

  3. HOpe you guys are finding a way to deal with this heat. We found out the problem with Janie's flats was under-inflation. Does that mean the tires were in recession?
    My advice: bike in the shade. Ha ! Love U

  4. Hi,

    I am anxious for your next post. John and I rode 35 miles today with the heat index into the 90s. We did very well. What tales will you write about next? Can't wait! love, Janie