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Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Ride!

Today we finally made some northern progress after being in Ridgeland, MS for three nights.  We started out at 6:35a.m. and rode along the Ross Barnett Reservior for twenty miles. We rode a flat, I mean flat not relatively flat 63 miles with cloud cover and no rain until 20 miles before arriving at this interesting town of Kosciusko, MS.  While it was raining we did find a shelter along the way and pulled in.  Because it was wet and damp a cup of coffee sounded good.  We got out our jet boil and Star Bucks instant coffee and made coffee.  We are really enjoying the Star Bucks instant coffee.  One of the best things we brought with us.

The town of Kosciusko is named after a Polish General who served under George Washington during the American Revolution.  He was the engineer who designed West Point and Saratoga plus others.  This is the only town in the country by this name.  This is also the child hood home of Oprah Winfrey and Roy Oswalt.

Things we learned today:
A tupelo is a tree.  Silly me, I just thought it meant where Elvis was born. 
Beavers mate for life and pair in the spring.  I guess the term "pair" is a politically correct non-offensive term.
The Natchez Trace is all asphalt except for 13 miles of chip seal, from mile 181 to 194. 

We are in a motel this evening while a thunder storm is raging.

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