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Monday, March 25, 2013

Closing This Adventure Out

We left Liberty with very gray skies.  All morning long it seemed like it wanted to rain but just couldn't do it.  There was mist which slowly turned to heavier mist then drops and about ten miles from home turned to real rain for a short time.  Our northern relatives kept saying they would rather ride in the rain then 80 degrees (like 80 is hot).  We made excellent time and arrived in Baytown in time to celebrate at our neighborhood restaurant with margaritas in addition to lunch.
After cleaning up, unloading the bikes, and Michigan State basketball, we headed out for birthday dinner.
 Today was a perfect end to a great adventure.
After a day of rest, Janie and John headed north to Michigan probably through a snow storm.  Makes me appreciate Texas.

Some Random Thoughts:
The flowers were beautiful; wisteria, azalea, camellia.  Supposedly it is not a good year for azaleas, but they were still beautiful.
Judging from the dirt trucks on the rode we are still moving this earth around.  Also, judging from the logging trucks the building business must be booming.
The most popular vehicle on the road is a white pickup.
The most dangerous thing about riding a bike is not the possibility of being hit it is the danger of being struck by the stuff flying off vehicles, tire tread, stuff out of pickup beds, logs off from logging trucks, etc.
We had five flat tires, one broken mirror, and one case of chiggers, darn nature stops!
The best thing about traveling by bicycle is the people you meet along the way!

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