Spartans Forever

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 4

We felt fortunate when we started out that the predicted 33 degree tenps did not happen.  We left in a balmy  43 degrees.  The skies were beautiful and sunny with very light winds.  We encountered rolling hills for the first 35 miles and then the terrain flattened out to what I had advertised the ride to be, flatter than a fritter.  Janie reminded me that my fritter was lumpy.  Then we came to the fritter flat terrain through rice fields for the remainder of the day.
The highlight of our day was a rest stop at the East Beauregard Parish Volunteer fire house.  It was open and we were invited in.  We talked with a very nice Parish employee, I never heard his name or position.  We were able to use the restroom.  He seemed quite surprised when I went back to get my camera to photograph the  restroom.  In the restroom was a lovely wreath about 4-5 feet in diameter.  Never have I seen this in a restroom.  Also, the TP was in a cute little basket.  I made the statement that they must have some women on the squad.  Come to find out the Chief is a women.
This was a wonderful riding day!  Lessens in layering are paying off.

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