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Monday, March 18, 2013

Oberlin, LA.

We are treating ourselves to a leisurely return to Baytown. We hadn't planned to spend over an hour at lunch, but we had stopped at a local cafe that was bustling mainly with take out orders. The food was great and cheap, but slow and once again the people fun. We are now in Oberlin a town of about 2000. We inquired where the best restaurant was in town. The reply was "we are a small town", which means we do not have a restaurant. "However, the casino four miles down the road has several restaurants and I will drive your there". We did not hesitate. I, for one, am not a casino person but I sure do like to eat. So off we went. We had a fun dinner and then decided we should play $10.00 at the the quarter slots. I came away with $24.00. So it was a lucky day from start to finish.

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