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Friday, March 22, 2013

Last Night

Tonight we are in Liberty, TX  as we bring this adventure to a close.  We will arrive home in Baytown on my 70th birthday.  Perfect!  The last two days have been relaxed with wonderful leisurely breakfasts, the best of the trip.  Today as we tried to start riding I had a flat.  I lead the pack with 2,  Doug 1, and Janie one in the garage before starting out..  My latest flat was caused by a bit of wire no bigger than a whisker.
Today, we rode by an area that John has worried about since we were here before. He had been told that there was a pit bull along the route that loves cyclists legs.  About a week ago he bought an air horn in preparation for this animal.  Low and behold the dog was a "no show".
Two events that were not fun today was being yelled at for being on the road and as a result being called "dumb asses".  The other was really tragic.  We came upon an accident, where we think that at least one person possibly two lost their lives.  Being caught up in accident traffic was a first for us in all of our riding.  Hope it is the last.
My thoughts are really disjointed as I write this while watching Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown.
I have not been taking many pictures lately be John is so much better than me and he will share.

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