Spartans Forever

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We woke up this A.M. to the worst weather of the trip, cold and rainy. However, the weatherman was very accurate about the clearing time and the day turned out to be wonderful. We rode on roads with rolling hills, good surfaces, and the wind at our back. On route 190 we did ride with an unnatural occurrence, the shoulder was smoother than the road. We, also, came to two construction areas. One had the bridge out, but Doug and John asked if we could get through. This was a bridge over a culvert not a river. So we ended up slogging through the mud to get around. Some in our group thought this was much better than riding a couple extra miles. The other was also a bridge, but it had one lane open for a dry passage. The remainder of the day went without incidence. We arrived at our motel in Kirbyville,TX. in time for cocktail hour with snacks, don't know how to spell the hors word. It was fancy snacks. Notice we are in Kirbyville, TX. A highlight of our day was crossing the State line. We are nearing the end of this adventure.

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