Spartans Forever

Friday, March 8, 2013

On The Bike Again

Blog followers we are back (I don't know if we still have blog followers).   With fairly little attention to bike or body , we have our panniers packed and on the bikes for an early morning take off.  Probably the number one question we were asked on our Border to Border bike ride was "what cause are you riding for?".  We do not ride for  causes.  We ride for events or mile stones.  This time we are riding from our driveway in Baytown, Texas to St. Francisville, LA.  The intention is to ride at least 700 miles for my 70th birthday while our last ride was to commemorate my 50th high school class reunion. The distance to St. Francisville should be about 400 miles and of course it is 400 miles back.  So we should easily make our goal.  Joining us on this latest adventure is my sister Janie and her husband John.   It should be great fun as these transplanted  yankees and true yankees esperience mainly rural Louisianna.

P.S.  It is amazing how much room I have in my panniers without camping and cooking gear!


  1. Hey you two! Have a wonderful ride and a safe one.
    just jealous here working on the yard,

  2. Hope the weather surprises you with little wind and raining only at night! Ride on, Gang of Four, ride on.