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Monday, August 1, 2011

Centerville, Tenn.

This evening finds us in Centerville, Tenn.  The home of Minnie Pearl.  As I was riding along today I realized that every day something has happened to make each day special.  Maybe with the exception of the day in the motel when the weather forecast was for 80% chance of rain when we chose not to ride.  It did not rain until 6:00p.m.
 Last night we spent our last night on the Trace.  We stayed at Fall Hallow Bed and Breakfast and Campground.  The proprioritors Bill and Kathy Roper were wonderful host and hostess.  We had called asking about the bed and breakfast, but we were unable to do indoor camping because the rooms were taken up with a broadast crew from the travel channel.  They are doing a series of three shows on the Wild Roads of the South.  One is the Natchez Trace.They were there primarily to interview Bill, but they were very interested in our adventure.  They interviewed us and took lots of pictures and our moment of fame will be sometime in November on the Travel Channel.

Today we really reached the hills of Tenn.!  With the hills our forward progress is done to about 40 miles per day.  The going has gotten very slow and I am not ashamed to admit that I met a few hills that I could not drag my 65 pounds of gear up.  Walking is hard to but it gets me up the hill.  I just kept hoping that my achilles tendon was firmly attached..

While stopped along the road today, a woman approached Doug and started talking.  It turns out that she is a writer and was very curious about us.  She was also very concerned about where we would stay when we got to Centerville.  The motels did not have a good reputation.  So she made some phone calls on our behalf.
One option would have been to stay at the funeral home, but the mortician was out of town.  We did manage to find the motel had changed hands and is a very desireable place to stay.  This very curious ladies name is Shelah Sandefer.  We had dinner with her this evening while she interviewed us for the story she plans to write.  Another moment of fame.
Tomorrow we are headed to Waverly, Tenn.
We are missing the Trace.  What a wonderful place to ride, visit, and have a wonderful history lesson.  The Trace dates back to an animal trail before the mound builder Indians that were around about the time of Christ's birth.  It played a role in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. It was a major route for the Kaintucks, and now a wonderful National Park.

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  1. :) You're posted to OHS! What a wonderful trip you're having Bless those peddles! You are going to be written up all over the place! YEA! You two deserve it!