Spartans Forever

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Once again we have had good fortune. Friday we rode in picture perfect weather, blue sky, minimal wind, temps in the high seventies to low eighties.  We had intended to ride a 35 mile ride which turned into a 71 mile ride.  We had intended to camp but the two campgrounds we came to were not really to our liking so we decided to move on.  We came to Vermontville where two women graciously tried to help us find a place to stay.  They located a Christian camp outside of town that said we could camp there.  This location sent us down a gravel road with gravel so deep that even the tryke could not make it through.  So both of us are pushing bikes down the road.  Not only are we pushing bikes, but doing it in clouds of mosquitos.  For our southern friends who believe only you have mosquitos, not so.  By this time the sun is on a downward curve, and tempers are short.  We looked at each other and decided this is nuts. The great out doors is not looking so good. We retreated down the road and rode to Charlotte, the nearest place for a motel.  This left us with only a 36 mile ride to Lansing.  The closer we got to our destination the cloudier it became.  Sound familiar?  We arrived at Doug's mother's house in time to have a wonderful celebration with champagne, cake and messages, friends and relative before the heavens opened up and a storm roared through.
We learned that not only is southern Michigan beautiful but also very hilly.  For the most part fun hills.  Maybe you have to move away to realize what has been there all the time.  Eveything is so green and clean looking and the trees are so big!  Everything is bigger in Texas except the trees and mosquitos.
We will be in Lansing until August 31 when we will joining the DALMAC ride to complete our border to border cycling tour.


  1. Gosh, sorry that Michigan, beautiful though it is, was such a challenge, i.e. Christ never said that "the road to Christian living would be easy". We are SO relieved to have you reach your home state, and SO, SO proud of you. Looking forward to reuniting with you on the 29th!!

  2. Congrats! Which route are you on? If you're on the 5-UP my group will certainly keep an eye out for you and say hello if we cross paths.