Spartans Forever

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waverly, Tenn.

All of you who continue to pray for our safety and well-being keep up the good work.  Once again what we needed happened.
We started out our morning with our new friend Shelah Sandefer bringing us goodies for the ride; hard boiled eggs, home made peanutbutter cookies, peanutbutter, jelly, and wholesome bread.  What a treat!  It served for breakfast and our mid-morning coffee break.
The roads today were fun with two killer hills, but the fun out weighed the bad.  We wheeled into Bucksnort, Tenn. in mid-morning.  At the quick stop we were told that finding lodging any where in the area would be difficult.  It turns out that there are 25,000 people here for a national motocross competition.  We had concidered staying at the Lorretta Lynn Ranch, but that is the headquarters for the competition.  So we called the only motel for miles.  At first he had no rooms, but it seems that he has a soft spot for bicyclists--all of a sudden he had a room.  Yea!  We only rode a short distance today, but other lodging was too far for us.  Today was the first day that we really felt the heat.  We were in our air-conditioned motel, very pricey room, by 2:00.
Heading out early tomorrow and looking forward to The Land Between the Lakes.  We should be camping for the next 5 or 6 nights.


  1. Lois, I'm going to copy some of the postings from the OHS page - Just in case you aren't checking them - :)
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    Gorden Shelp I am loving the updates from Lois as they make their way north from Texas to Michigan. Can't wait to see them next month and congratulate them in person and thank them for the inspiration they provide. I hope this heat breaks soon to ease their way through Kentucky and Ohio or Indiana. Keep the messages flowing and let them know how much we all admire them and their great adventure.

    Donna Fairchild Brittain thanks for posting these I love them and look forward to reading them. Keep them coming

    Marilinda Haak Schor If you are going through Ohio, let me know and maybe I can meet up with you at some point. Or my house is always open as a rest stop.

    Do you want Marlinda's phone number?
    Let me know!

  2. Howdy, I don't know what came over me today. I had the urge to go biking !! Good Heavens ... or in other words, "what the hell?"
    I needed to stop at my friendly small engine repair store, and I wannted to check out alternative bike seats at our friendly bicycle shop. The bike guy liked my seat and said I just need to give it another 100 miles or so, then reevaluate. Well, once I was out I didn't want to stop, so I rode for 2 hours, burned 847 calories, and 19.7 miles (with too many hills). But (I did enjoy it). Don't tell Lois and Doug.
    ANother thing ... . . every stroke on a grade brought your journey to mind . . . you ARE a motivating force; thank you. Love and prayers, John