Spartans Forever

Friday, August 5, 2011

Close to the legitimate mid-west

Tomorrow we expect to cross the Ohio River by ferry and spend the night in Illinois at the Cave in the Rock State Park.
Once again we have had a very fortunate day.  We crawled out of our tent at Rushing Creek campground along the Land Between the Lakes and packed up a dry tent.  We had been riding about two miles when we came to places where significant amounts of rain had fallen.  As we approached The Golden Pond information center about twelve miles up the road, we were trying to out run a violent storm.  We made it to the center about three minutes before the heavens opened up.  We stayed there about 1and 1/2 hours before heading out in the sprinkles.  As we approached the village of Grand Rivers the air became oppressive and the sky was once again looking menacing.  We were headed for a campground but decided a motel would be in order.  Only one problem.  There are big boat races on Kentucky Lake this weekend.  We have managed to find a room but if the weather is bad tomorrow, this room probably would not be available.  Once again we were here about five minutes before the heavens opened up.
Today I replaced my brake pads.  The downhills in Tenn. scared me to death!  They were steep, curvy and shaded, but for the most part a good road surface.
FYI the next tour you may see me on a tryke.  Doug has pedaled up every hill we have come to.


  1. Wow !! What a tentative day for you. SO glad things worked out. Wish you well reaching the Ohio River and the legitimate Mid West. cyh, John

  2. ... oh, and kudos to Doug on the hills. Interesting. So, how do you decide between a tryke with 2 front or 2 rear wheels?