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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We're back

Blog followers we are back after hiding out in a cabin in Illinois Cave in Rock State Park.  We were celebrating being out of the South and in the mid-west.  Granted we were not far into Illinois.  The cabin was high on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River and all we saw looking from our porch was Kentucky.  But hay we were on the north side of the river and feeling quite proud of ourselves.  We had left Grand Rivers, Ky. after checking the weather radar because the local weather was predicting rain all day.  We decided to believe what we were seeing on radar which turned out to be a good decision.  We rode in cloud cover all morning and some sprinkles when we came to the mother of all hills.  We rode 57miles without any services.  In the town of Joy we expected to find food.  But that was not to be.  We needed water.  There was a man standng along the road waving to passersby.  We learned that this was Mr. Lemon.  I asked him if he had a water spikette.  He said that he had city water and to come in and he would give us some.  We don't know if he had running water or not but he filled up our water bottles from gallon jugs.  How his house was standing was a mystery.  I don't believe Mr. Lemon had ever thrown anything away.  His front room consisted of his bed which sat up on a platform, a light and many collectables.  The air was air-conditioned and had no bad smells.  I'm sensitive to smells.  We found Mr. Lemon very interesting. To get into Illinois required a ferry.  Our first and probably last ferry boat crossing.
Fortunatley, we were at Cave in Rock last weekend because they are expecting 10,000 people to converge on them beging Aug.11 for the annual meeting of the Juggalos.  Charlie Sheen is supposed to be one of the presenters at the

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