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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evening in Paris

Rejoice tofu lovers!  After riding through about 200 miles of Illinois through nothing but corn and soy bean fields, it looks like a bumper crop of each.
To our Texas followers, read it and weep.  74 degrees last night at 5:00p.m.  This morning the temps were in the low 60's, jacket weather, todays high was in the low 80's.
Our destination today was Lincoln Trail State Park, however, we were there too early and it was a beautiful riding day so we continued on to Paris and a motel.  We seem to be finding more excuses or opportunities for moteling it.  However, tomorrow we intend to stay at Kick-a-poo State Park.  We like the sound of it.
Last night we had a wonderful visit with The Brickers the parents of Jen of Jen and Nate.  We have known of each other for years and it was great to put faces with names.  We slept in their new camper,quit lovely with all the trains, bells and whistles.  Neither of us had ever slept in one.  They took us to dinner and fed us a great breakfast and sent us on our way.  It was all great fun!
Sharon Bricker did our laundry.  This is the third time we've done laundry, the first time we didn't have soap.
The only time we have used our swim suits is to do laundry so we could wash all of our clothes, because when we have had a motel with a pool we have gone in in our riding clothes.  I figure that a little clorine might be good treatment for anything that we may be harboring in our clothing.  We do wash our days clothes each night in case anyone is wondering how ripe we are.  Now we are pretty fresh.
We started out our trip going under I-10  today we went under I-70.  That gives us a real feeling of progress as we head north across the nation.
Need to get on with my evening in Paris.

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  1. Howdy,
    "Love" the part about being ripe. Very expressive. We had a funderful time with Cindi, Todd, Cris, & Dan when they treated us to our anniversary dinner. I know Janie had mentioned it to you. The Holly Hotel . . . a real trip back in time; stellar service, delicious food, and perfect martinis WITH blue cheese stuffed olives.
    We did a short 17 mile ride today, but managed to discover hills we didn't know existed. Truth be told (I'm whispering now) I kind of like this biking thing. Not ready to commit to great distances yet. My dairy-aire (sp ?) seems to no longer mind the seat, my legs have never tired on me, but the back of my neck still registers pain by the end of our 17 to 30 mile rides. Oh, and I seem to be using middle gears up most of the grades now ?? But today's outing was not without incident. Uh, we'd stopped for traffic at an intersection. When I moved from a standing positoin to hoist my butt back up to the seat, the horm of the seat caught the padding in the back of my shorts and nearly caused me to moon the traffic waiting to make a right turn. WHat next?
    Keep pedaling ! Love, John