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Monday, August 15, 2011

Warsaw, IN

The best piece of equipment that we have is our Dinotti lights front and back.  As we have traveled along we have had many comments about them.  One of my favorites was the driver of the 18 wheeler who slowed down beside us and yelled out his window that he could really see us.  However, my very favorite was the driver of a tanker truck who we met up with at a quick stop as he was loading fuel.  He had commented to Doug about how well he could see us.  Then while they were talking a guy on a motorcycle pulled in and the tanker driver commented to him about how great our lights were.  Motorcycle guy insisted that they were not as good as his.  The tanker driver said that he would bet him $100 dollars that they were.  Motorcycle guy was greatly insulted!  He drove away discussed.
The storm that hit Indianapolis passed through Iraquois, IN where we were before it reached Indianapolis.  As has been the case for most of our trip, we were very lucky.  Our instructions for Iraquois were to call the Mayor, Jack Karr to stay in the city park.  We thought we were calling for permission to put up our tent.  We thought that we would possibly have a water faucett for water and we were hoping for a picnic table.  You can imagine our surprise when they offered us an air conditioned room, not only indoor plumbing, but a hot shower, fluffy towels, and indoor storage for our bikes.  Yeah! Iraquois.  Thank you to Joe and Carla who on very short notice readied the facility.  We were just about settled in when the storm hit. Good night not to be in a tent.  Also, this town of only 250 people has a wonderful restaurant where I had a meal that is tied for my number 2 spot for favorite meals on the trip.  It was a meal of mouth watering prime rib.
Last night after riding 78 miles we arrived at a campground in the absolute middle of no where on a very small lake.  There were six or seven camper trailers there, campground full, but no one around.  We found a spot of ground and made ourselves at home.  We did have indoor plumbing and a shower.  The sign said "Bicyclists Welcome".  We believed it.  Doug had worked his map reading skills well to get us there. Over the years I know to trust his abilities.  After 78 miles, mistakes were not an option.
Tomorrow, we plan to enter Michigan.  Yeah!  Until yesterday, wind had not been a factor for our travel.  Just when we could benefit from a south wind the wind has shifted to the north.  Yesterday was really windy but we went mostly east dodging rain clouds, sprinkles and rain.  Zero % chance of rain.  When we came out from behind the corn the gusts blew me sideways at times.  I'll take the wind over flats,  2 so far.  Next blog from Kalamazoo where we will be visiting our daughter, Kim.

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  1. I am writing out of curiosity after reading an article in the Owosso Argus-Press. I live in Buckley subdivision and had Ruth Hart as a very dear neighbor for many years. Are you by any chance related to Ruth? Continue to enjoy your travels and may God bless.